Moderní expozice
Moderní expozice
Moderní expozice
Moderní expozice
Moderní expozice
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Why Modern Exhibitions ?

The time of traditional exhibitions proclaiming "Do not touch" is gone. Nobody's interested in showcased items accompanied by elaborate technical descriptions. Regular visitors are not enticed to better understand the exhibition's theme.

We have the solution !

By combining interactive elements, modern technology and an engaging story we‘ll allow you to draw your audience in. We are convinced this untraditional experience will allow visitors to retain more information about the exhibition’s theme. And a satisfied audience is sure to return.

Learning playfully!

To see how this works in practice please take a look at our pilot project in the Zatec museum.


Who we are?

CEREBRA s.r.o. / Quijote together with the GAMEFUL team have formed an alliance to deliver a stable platform for Modern Exhibition projects. The goal of this alliance is to combine the experience and infrastructure of CEREBRA with GAMEFUL’S experience in using playing components when designing Modern Exhibitions.

Where we are?
Cerebra s.r.o. 

Pickova 1486/2
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Czech Republic
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